Nineapart Site Map and Info


The Nineapart Home page uses a neat Slide Show. We simplified the interface and automated the presentation of the slide show images. 


The images shown depict some our favourite Porsches that we've brought in to dismantle as well as photos of where the Porsche used parts are warehoused and waiting to find their way to your vehicle.

You can move your mouse pointer into the slide show area and control the flow with the scroll wheel and by clicking on a picture to move it to the front. Try it — it's fun. Move the mouse pointer out of the slide show area and it will start playing again.

The slide show is based on code by Finn Rudolph. The image reflections are generated by the custom Java Image Processing software from RQS.

Find Your Part Number

The Find Your Part Number page is an easy way to find and download Genuine Porsche Parts Catalogs. We have made it very easy to find a part for any Porsche Model. So if you need a part for a Porsche 911, 944, 928, 914, 924, 968, 356, 912, Boxster or Cayenne, just click on the Porsche model you need in the row of models at the top of the Find Your Part Number page, for example, if you have a 914 you would click on the 914, as shown below.


Then select from the list of available catalogs for that model.


Or if you prefer, you can click on this link to go to the Porsche site and use the menus on parts catalog downloads page to find what you need.

Now Parting

The Now Parting page is where you can take a look at the Porsche 911, 944, 928, 914, 924, 968, 356, 912, Boxsters and Cayennes that become our used stripped Porsche parts.

The Now Parting page is actually a number of pages, each displaying a group of salvaged Porches. You get to each page by clicking on one of the Porsche models along the top of the page under the menu bar.


Restore your Porsche automobile today using parts from Nineapart. We dismantle Porsche cars at our facilities just North of Toronto and sell used Porsche parts at very reasonable prices in Canada and the United States of America.


The Profile page tells how Nineapart got started in the Porsche Used Parts business and our approach to the environment and customer satisfaction.

New Parts

We stock many new Porsche OEM and aftermarket parts for your Porsche repair projects. We can also order the new parts you need at a reasonable price. Take a look at our inventory. We have parts for your Porsche  911, 944, 928, 914, 924, 968, 356, 912, Boxster or Cayenne.

Neat Parts

We often get our hands on some highly sought after Porsche specialty parts. We list some of these in our Neat Parts section. Email us with your request for unusual Porsche parts and let's see if we can help.

Cars for Sale

We have listings for pre-owned Porsches. Check out our Cars for Sale page for some real beauties.


Our Books page offers Books both in- and out-of-print. For example 101 Projects for your 911  and Porsche 911 Buyers Guide. We have other items such as  Manuals, Posters and Porsche sales brochures


The Nineapart news section is divided into 4 parts — News, Upcoming Events, Customer Cars and Our Cars.


The News page provides articles about Porsche and the Porsche Used Parts business.


The Upcoming Events page lists interesting Porsche related events like Porsche Rallies, Porsche Auto Shows and other events.


The Customer Cars section is where we show off photos and stories about Porsches submitted by our customers. We love it when you email us with images and tales about your favourite Porsche.


Here is where we get to brag about our own outstanding Porsche models. Check out our first Porsche and our latest find —  an Original 1973 Porsche 911 S.

Contact Us

Our Contact Page tells you how you can reach us by email or telephone and shows our location and hours of operation. Of course, you can contact us by clicking on the email link at the top of every page on the site. Please drop us a line or call to chat. We love to talk about Porsches and the Porsche Used Parts Business. 

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions page outlines our policies and practices for doing business. Please read these and call or write if you have any questions.

Thank you for visiting our site.